Currency Fields in Exported Excel Reports are now Currency Fields

What's New

A minor visual update, currency fields in exported Excel reports are now currency type and not text type values.

Previously, currency codes were exported as text to mirror how they appear in Clarizen.One web application:

e.g. "123 USD", now currency field values will export as Excel currency type.

Depending on how your Excel currency display formats are set, they may show with the currency code leading: "USD 123"



Simplify reports by using Excel's currency formatting capabilities to apply rounding, and - especially relevant for reports in single currencies - easily hide currency types in Excel to improve readability.

Secondly, you can now use Excel's native summary functions (such as: SUM) without needing additional steps to find and replace the currency codes and convert to numbers. 


Important Note

  1. Excel Add-on data will not be impacted
  2. Manual processes that use exported reports with macros or custom Excel integrations based on parsing "currency as text" fields may need modification after this change. 
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