Winter 2019 Update 1 (January 6, 2019)

New Features

Release date: January 6, 2019

This release includes the following new features and updates. 

Functional area


Enabled by default

Requires admin setup

Affected audience

Financial Planning

Create customized Financial Planning views



Financial users

Capacity Planning

Easily resize panels in Capacity Planning


Resource Managers

Slide Publisher

Line charts are now supported in your Slide Publisher reports


All users

Project Management

Advanced Export-Work-Plan

(Updated May, 2019)



Project Managers

Administration and auditing

Change History enhancements include:

 - Support for Cases

 - Manage access to Change History in Projects based on Profiles




Time-phased Resource utilization reports: Choose Daily or Monthly resolutions for improved performance


All users

Prices and Rates

Prices and Rates, Currencies have moved to a new location in the Work Plan


All users

SharePoint integration

Important notice for SharePoint integrations using Workflow rules. Relative paths must be replaced with full paths. Read more.



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