Process Monitor

What's New

A Process Monitor shows you all running, pending, and failed jobs in realtime. A Project’s scheduling and financial calculations (HLPC), multi-currency calculations, and Relation Summary Field calculations can be monitored.



  • Get insights and visibility into different system processes (jobs) running in the background
  • Troubleshoot a failed process or processes with long waiting times
  • Identify heavy-usage processes and their corresponding triggering items/users

How it Works

You can find the Process Monitor under Settings.

In the grid you can find:

  • Process (job) created time
  • The user running the process
  • Project ID for HLPC processes
  • Waiting time (in the queue)
  • Running time 

Data retention times in the Process Monitor table per process status:

  • Pending items - 300 minutes
  • Running items - 60 minutes
  • Completed items - 5 minutes
  • Failed items - 60 min

You can search and filter the grid as needed.


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