Enhancements for Bar and Horizontal Charts

What's New

We've added the following new options to Bar and Column charts:

  • Set the number of bars to display
  • Sort the bars ascending or descending
  • Flip the direction of the Y-axis

You can apply the new features in both standard and stacked charts. 


With these new capabilities, you can build “Top X” or “Bottom X” charts, such as:

  • Show me my top 10 customers by revenue
  • Show me my 5 least profitable projects
  • and much more..

How it Works

  1. Set up your horizontal or bar column or bar chart.
  2. Select the maximum number of bars to display. You can leave this blank. In this case an unlimited number of bars will be displayed:
  3. Set the Y-axis sorting to ‘Descending’ if you want to get top X results in descending order:
  4. Set the Y-axis sorting to ‘Ascending’ if you want to get bottom X results in ascending order:
  5. Use the new Flip Axis option to flip the Y-axis.
    Example of flipped chart


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