Mixed Charts


The Mixed chart type allows you to use different display styles in a single chart, including new types and combinations such as Area, Line/Bar, Stacked Area and Percent Stacked charts. 

Mixed charts are also available in Slide Publisher. 


  • Expand the variety of display styles available in Reports, Dashboards and Views
  • Differentiate between different types of data in a single chart, for example, Resource Capacity vs. Assignment vs. Actual Effort

How it Works

  1. When you create a chart, select the Mixed option.
  2. Define parameters such as x- and y-axis.
  3. For a single-dimension chart, select a Display Type: Area, Area Smooth, Line, or Line Smooth.
    For a multi-line or multi-dimensional chart:
    • Select the Chart Type: Standard, Stacked, or Stacked Percent.
    • Select a Display Type: Area, Area Smooth, Bar, Column, Line, or Line Smooth. Multi-dimensional charts allow different settings for each grouping, along with the Cumulative option if needed.
    • For multi-dimensional grouping, you can select the color of the Display Type.
      • Selecting the Bar Display Type in one or more multi-dimensional groupings overrides other selections and creates a Bar chart. In such cases, the X-axis and Y-axis are switched.
      • When mixing Column groupings with one or more Bar groupings, the Columns will be overridden with additional Bar groupings that appear in front or behind of the Bar-defined groupings.
  4. Save your chart.


Multi-dimensional smooth line and stacked column


Mufti-series, stacked with cumulative area smooth and columns



Multi-dimensional line bar


Multi-area smooth stacked


Mixed multi-series and multi-dimensional time-phased


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