Export Reports with Split Duration Fields and Converted Unit Type

What's New

When you export (send or download) a report to Excel that includes duration-type fields, you can now:

  • split duration fields into separate duration and unit columns
  • convert the units to minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months

Note: These features are not available in:

  • Crosstab reports. For crosstab reports, the values are exported with the units appearing in the column headers.
  • Reports scheduler
  • Send Report customization action


Easier post-processing and analysis of reports: 

  • Split columns
    • Use plain numbers for manipulating the data
    • Remove unnecessary data
  • Convert units
    • Use the same duration units across the report

How it Works

  1. Select Export > Download report as Excel or Send report as Excel.
    The options are also available for scheduled Excel reports.


  2. Select one or more of the options in the dialog box and click Generate.
    Download option
    Send report option

A report with split duration columns



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    James Bridgewater

    Will we also be able to do data imports using Duration and Duration Unit fields? If not, do you see this being a potential feature enhancement?