Task Widgets and Grid


Use the various task widgets, such as Planned Tasks This Week, Tasks Due Today, etc. to get a quick view of what's on your plate. In the My Tasks grid, you can view, sort, and search for Tasks, as well as mark Tasks as complete.


  • You can see all Tasks where you are the owner or resource
  • Completed Tasks are not displayed. Go to the Tasks module to see all your Tasks.


The Widgets

  • Planned Tasks This Week: Shows number of planned Tasks from the first day of the week for next 7 days, and those with a Start date up until the end of the week, and a Due date in the future
  • Overdue: Shows number of Tasks with a Due date in the past
  • Due today: Shows number of Tasks where the due date is today
  • Due this week: Shows number of Tasks with a due date this week
  • Due this month: Shows number of Tasks with a due date this month

Note: Dates, the first day of the week, etc. are based on the user's calendar settings.

The Grid

Below the widget, you can view your Tasks in a grid.

In the grid, you can:

  • Search for Tasks
  • Sort columns - click on the column header and select Sort column
  • Add or hide columns - Click the + icon to select and add columns. Click on the column header and select Hide column to remove a column.
  • Mark as complete - Open the 3-dot menu to mark a Task as complete


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  • Avatar
    Leo Lovely

    The view above does not display the "quick links" How do you change the view to hide this? Mine shows the quick links

  • Avatar
    Larry Bear

    Hi Leo, I've updated the image. Quick links cannot be removed.

  • Avatar
    Leo Lovely

    Larry, Thanks for the update. I find the quick links takes up unnecessary space. It would be great to be able to remove this.