API Extraction of Deleted Time-phased Data

What's New

A new query in the API lets you extract deleted time-phased data and resource links.


  • Track changes to the data (including the deletion of time-phased data and resource link records) during incremental data extractions
  • Use the data for audits and analysis in external tools

How it Works

A sample API query for deleted time-phased records with the Deleted flag:


"typeName": "RLTimePhaseMonthly",

"fields": ["ExternalId"],

"paging": {"limit": 50},



The Deleted flag in API query is now supported for the following time-phased and resource link entities:

  • RLTimePhase
    • RLTimePhaseMonthly
  • ResourceLinkFinancial
    • FixedPriceResourceLink
    • LaborResourceLink
  • ResourceTimePhase
    • LaborResourceTimePhase
    • FixedPriceResourceTimePhase
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    Nicky Da Silva

    When is time-phased data deleted? And why? We are currently exporting this data from Clarizen and we did not know there was a potential for it to be deleted. We plan to do historical comparisons and will not be able to do that if data is deleted. Would love some more information on how this all works and what we should be implementing to maintain access to the data?