Mobile App - Clarizen Reports


View your reports from anywhere in the mobile app, available for iOS and Android phones and tablets.


Note: Reports are view-only and cannot be edited in the app.

In the app, you can find the same folders and reports available in Clarizen's web app. 

In a report, you can:

  • Navigate between report tabs, see business questions and highlights
  • View pie, bar/column, line, and mixed charts
    Note: Other chart types are not yet supported
  • View data tables
  • Use run-time filters
    Note: Picklist values and object selections are disabled

Note: The following features are not yet supported:

  • Time-phased Crosstab tables
  • Grand totals
  • Filtering
  • Sorting
  • Conditional formatting

Downloading the App

Download the app from the Apps Store or Google Play Store


Using the App

  1. After downloading the app, enter your credentials using a username and password, or use SSO (Federated Authentication).
    Click Forgot Password? to reset your password.
  2. Find or search for a report folder. 
    Note: The All Reports folder is not displayed.
  3. Click on a report to open it.
  4. You can now navigate between tabs, view highlights and business questions, analyze charts, and view the Data Table.


Open the Settings tab to:

  • Log out
  • View Help topics
  • Get support
  • View the privacy policy


Known Issues

  • In some reports, not all highlights are displayed.
  • The Customer name in a grouping may be incorrect.


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