Relabel, Edit Descriptions and Tooltips of Standard Fields

What's New

Addressing the very popular request, we've now added the ability to rename almost all standard fields throughout the system including:

  • Rename Fields - change the field name label. The API name remains unchanged, and cannot be changed, so any integrations and configurations are unaffected.
  • Custom Tooltips and Descriptions - add your own Tooltips to optimize "mouseover" hints for your specific use of Clarizen One, and Descriptions to make it easier for Admins to understand how the fields are being used.
  • Supports Multiple Languages - change language and modify local language pack names,  descriptions, and tooltips. 


You will need Admin permissions to rename standard fields. 

What can't be renamed

  1. Items which can't be configured, like Templates & Calendars
  2. Standard Object names
  3. Tooltips are not supported by touch device (iOS and Android) Apps


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