Utilization Time-phased Financial Fields

What's New

We added the following new fields, to be used in Resource Utilization and Financial Resource Reports

These fields are available to users with financial permissions.

Note that for organizations where Project Managers have extensive financial permissions, the best practice is to use blended rates.


New Field



Capacity Cost

How much does a resource cost the organization for a day/ month.

Reported alongside with revenues from projects is useful for team leads to understand overall profitability of a team.

Capacity * cost rate 

Potential Revenue

How much could a user potentially be billed out for the organization. Assuming:

  1. company calendar working hours, 
  2. 100% billed utilization
  3. user's default hourly billing rate

Note: this is a guideline figure as many organizations' users are not 100% billable, and can have varying charge rates depending on customer and project, and may be assigned to fixed price work. 

Capacity * resource billing rate

Cost of Calendar Exception

How much does the user's non-working exception days (holidays, time off, etc.) cost.

Provides additional perspective to monthly revenue fluctuations.

Non-Working Exception * user cost rate




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