Board permissions and access

Boards can be created for the following entities: Projects, Milestones, Tasks, Portfolios, and Cases. You can either use a board that someone else has created, or create your own, either as an Owner, Editor, or Viewer. Learn more about access levels

How do I give users access to the board? 

  1. Click the Boards icon.
    • The Boards panel opens and you can see the list of boards that you own or that are shared with you.
    • All boards are sorted alphabetically.
  2. From the three dot menu, click Settings. The Board settings popup appears. 
  3. From the Permissions tab, add members and define the access level: Editor or Viewer. You can define specific Users or select specific groups of Users:

    • All Users, External Users, or only Internal Users
    • Specific Groups
    • Administrators
    • Financial Users
    • Super Users

Supported Global settings

The option to share private boards, add members, or see the entire list of Users may not always be visible, depending on the global settings set for your organization:

    • External Users are licensed Clarizen users who may or may not be part of your company. External user can change or create Boards only for himself - unless they are Editor on shared boards. Note that depending on the 3.9 global setting, External Users may not be able to view all users in the system, and only their direct reports, managers, and group members.
    • Internal Users can share boards if the 3.12 Global settings is disabled. If 'On' only Admin and Super Users can share boards while all other users can only create Private boards
    • Admin and Super Users can always share boards when they are Editors or Owners.
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