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Having trouble getting data.

I'm having an issue where employees are required to fill out data but often leave information missing or enter the wrong information into the empty fields. (i.e things are blank but should be filled out especially as iterations of the projects go forward in time.)


Are there any features that would be helpful in getting employees to fill out all the requested data, and fill it out correctly?



Xavier Anthony

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Yes, there are several features that could help encourage employees to fill out all requested data and ensure the data is filled out correctly. Here are a few suggestions:

Required fields: You can mark certain fields as required, which means that employees will not be able to submit the form unless they fill out those fields. This can help ensure that critical information is not left blank.

Field validation: You can set up rules to validate the format and content of data entered into specific fields. For example, you can require that email addresses are entered in a specific format or that phone numbers include a certain number of digits. This can help prevent employees from entering incorrect information.

Field hints and descriptions: Providing clear hints and descriptions for each field can help employees understand what information is required and how to enter it correctly. This can reduce the likelihood of errors and make it easier for employees to complete the form.


Rachel Gomez

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