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Direct Manager Change - Multiple Managers Enabled

We have the Multiple Managers Enabled setting turned on, and use a workflow to add a user's manager to the project when the user is assigned to a task.

Has anyone thought of a way that when a user's manager is changed, run a workflow or action that will find all draft/active projects where the user is assigned, and ensure (add if necessary) that the new manager is also a manager on the project?

The flow would be along the lines of 

1)  get new manager

2) identify all projects where user is a resource and project state = draft or active

3) add new manager


Catherine McGrath Answered

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This is possible to do through a scheduled workflow rule, which would not be real-time. I would recommend working with your PS Consultant or CSM. A simpler way to do this might be to run a report and manually make the changes.

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