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Change order of tasks on the team board

Can tasks on the team board be sorted in a priority order? I noticed that I can drag and drop the order of tasks (but only dragging higher level tasks down, not lower level tasks up), but the order does not save. 




Alex Markle Answered

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Hi Alex,


I also thought there was no way of sorting items on the team board, however, I recently realised tha the order items appear in the workplan (without any sorting applied) is the order items appear on the team board. This only works as initial sorting as once items move across the team board they seem to loose that info.

However, I find it useful to put the important features (we use parent tasks for them) to the top of the team board and arrange the subtasks according to what needs done first as well.


This is how I entered it at first (the tasks in feature B are the wrong way round)

now I have dragged Feature B to the top and rearranged the Tasks in Feature B to be in the correct order and refreshed the team board.

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