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need milestone duration to auto update

I have a milestone called client management in which the duration has to span the length of the project, and update automatically when the project timeline changes. I tried to create a link between the milestone and the project with a finish to finish dependency, but got this error shown in the screenshot. what is the best way to make the duration of the project update automatically with whatever the project is? thank you

Clayton Nesslein Answered

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We would need to better understand the use case in order to provide feedback. Creating dependencies between parent and children is not recommended, one of the reasons being the dependency loop you ran into. There are ways to force the duration of a sub item to match the project, but it would require configurations and would go against the way the system is designed to work (milestones drive the project duration, not the other way around). I would take a step back and see if the project structure makes sense for the type of projects you are running.

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