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Dependent multi select pick lists


There's recently been an update to the Pick Lists fields in Clarizen: it is now possible to make dependent lists. This is great news, as it was a, for me, a long awaited feature of Clarizen. 

But, what would be even better would be to have the same dependency feature applicable to Multi Select Pick Lists: say for example, for a project, I'd like to select Europe as a Region => the country list would then only display European countries. But then it turns out that the project will also be concerning the African region. I'd like to add "Africa" as a region along with Europe and, automatically, have all Arican countries shown in the "Country" field, along with European ones. 

I think a lot of people would have use for this, because, right now, the only solution I found was to create two custom Multi Select Pick List fields "Regions" and "Countries", but without the dependency feature, I have to manually select the countries concerned by a project/request.  

Amir Hamza Not planned

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Agreed - I would definitely find value in this feature of creating dependencies between multi-select pick lists. Any update on priority for this would be great. We would use it often in our project and request intake processes.

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