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Workflow Error



I have a workflow in place that is throwing up the following error - 'workItem is null'


I've tried a lot of different variations on the formulas and am still getting this - but only when I create a new project with a parent. I only want this to run on leaf projects and tasks, which it is doing fine when I move or edit a leaf item and doesn't run when I create a new project without a parent. I have the following evaluation in place




and the actions are as follows


IF((Contains($Parent.Name,'Target',False)),'Target',IF((Contains($Parent.Name,'Pending',False)),'Pending',IF((Contains($Parent.Name,'Good Prospect',False)),'Good Prospect',IF((Contains($Parent.Name,'Awarded',False)),'Awarded',IF((Contains($Parent.Name,'Complete',False)),'Complete',IF((Contains($Parent.Name,'In Progress (Construction)',False)),'In Progress (Construction)',IF((Contains($Parent.Name,'In Progress (Prelims)',False)),'In Progress (Prelims)',IF((Contains($Parent.Name,'Archiv',False)),'Hide - Completed','Hide - Completed'))))))))


IF((Contains($Parent.Name,'Target',False)),'Light Grey',IF((Contains($Parent.Name,'Pending',False)),'Light Grey',IF((Contains($Parent.Name,'Good Prospect',False)),'Light Grey',IF((Contains($Parent.Name,'Complete',False)),'Light Grey',IF((Contains($Parent.Name,'Archiv',False)),'None','None')))))


IF($Parent.C_SBU='BSERV','BSERV',IF($Parent.C_SBU='ECDC','ECDC',IF($Parent.C_SBU='FP','FP',IF($Parent.C_SBU='HDC','HDC',IF($Parent.C_SBU='Healthcare','Healthcare',IF($Parent.C_SBU='LS / SC','LS / SC',IF($Parent.C_SBU='POL','POL',IF($Parent.C_SBU='Archived','Archived','Archived'))))))))


Any advice?

Dee Answered

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I think this would require a deeper investigation and would recommend discussing with your PS Consultant or CSM.

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Using Process Administrator, select the work item that is in an error state. On the Tasks menu, select Workflow Groups and resolve the invalid user for the workflow group. Save and complete the work item. Using Process Tracker, select the work item in the user-defined Malfunction map.


This may help you,

Rachel Gomez

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