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Separating Audit Trail and Communication in Discussions

We love the Discussions section, however it seems to incorporate two completely different Use Cases that we would like to know if we can separate out, and if not put in an enhancement request.

Discussions shows both when a Task/Milestone is completed as well as any "Discussions" where people can communicate to each other by tagging them or a project, customer, topics, etc.

Having the Task Complete in this section really muddles it up. We'd love to have the ability to separate that our from the Discussions section and into a new section that is called Audit or whatever you deem to be the most effective name.

If i am missing something on that being able to be done now please let me know. Thanks!

Brian Bihl Planned

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This is not possible to do right now without using a custom object for the audit trail (would require heavy configuration), but I'm optimistic that there will be a solution that will address this scenario in the future.

Josh Santos 0 votes
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