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Auto-add a team member on a case/issue

I need to automate the adding of team members on the new cases/issues getting submitted.  Currently a helpdesk staff manually adds this in each case/issue.

This is a common requirement so I assume this is an out-of-the-box feature I can easily set.

Please help.  thanks.

Aldrin Arena Answered

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I think you can do this with a workflow. As I don't use Cases with Clarizen, let me ask a few question to help me understand:

- When you say "Submitted", do you mean "Created", or is this related to some sort of state (in this case, what field is modified?)?

- When you say "adding of team members", can you tell me what field is used? Assigned to, Groups, something else?

- Do you add directly a group, or one or several users?

I might be able to help you with these details.



Armand BOLMONT 1 vote
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