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Zapier integration

Has anyone successfully created a Zapier integration that uses Clarizen? Clarizen is available as a beta app but even simple calls throw broad errors.

Christopher Knaus Not planned

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Hi - we haven't progressed it past a beta app yet as we need to build some integrations that we can't do with Clarizen Configuration, but don't have a list of ideas from customers.

I'll reach out to you all directly, but if you have specific Zaps you'd like to see, please list them here. 

David Goulden
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Retaking this... We'd like to integrate Clarizen and Github. For example:

1. In the project milestone creation, also create the same milestone in a GitHub project (it would be nice to choose a project in a dropdown with some pre-registered GitHub projects).

2. In the task creation - within a milestone-, also create a GitHub issue (also associated with the GitHub milestone);

3. When an issue is closed on GitHub, the Clarizen task is set to complete;

4. When a task is deleted on Clarizen, the GitHub issue is closed.


Super nice to have:

5. Association of GitHub and Clarizen user profiles. When we set a resource in a Clarizen task, it would automatically assign to the correct GitHub user.


Henry Morales 0 votes
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