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Salesforce Integration Trigger and Event Mapping

Use Case:  When a sales rep sets the opportunity stage = Closed_Won in Salesforce, this will cause the Opportunity Stage field in Clarizen to update in real time rather than wait for the two daily syncs.

In Salesforce, Stage changes to "Closed_Won" when a prospect becomes a customer.  In Clarizen, we have a custom field called Opportunity Stage that is set to update from the API and business rules of the Salesforce/Clarizen integration.  We don't want to create duplicate projects in Clarizen and we want the custom field in Clarizen to update once the trigger criteria is met (Stage = 'Closed_Won').



Thanks in advance for any recommendations or assistance!

Matt Bures Answered

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Hello Matthew,

You can create a new event trigger that does not involve this field. For example, You can create a checkbox field on the opportunity that is required to be checked to create a new project. You can also add another checkbox field that signifies that the trigger has already created a project. Then you can modify the event trigger to look something like this.


1) opportunity stage = Closed_Won

2) create in clarizen = true

3) project created = false


1 & 2 & 3


If you need assistance doing this, please contact your respective account executive as ot will require PS assistance.



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