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Employee Start Date


With the new developments in Resource Planning and Utilization reports, Clarizen is starting to look good on that front. One enhancement I would like to suggest here is the capability to add a user's Start Date in the organization, and calculate his/her capacity based on that. That would really help when looking at the team's capacity and load as users often join the organization mid-month.

Reshma Pendse Not planned

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I would like to see this feature too.  In addition to the planning aspects it would also help the Time Compliance checking.  Currently when using the Time Reporting Compliance all users are required to complete time entries from the day they are created in the system.  Given that we set users up prior to their first day and all our new starters go through a 2-6 week induction plan it can be up to 2 months of time entry that we do not require completed, but the automatic check within the compliance app will send our new users automatic email reminders for time entry still.  Having a start date will mean that we can prevent unnecessary emails.

Phil Smith 3 votes
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I would also like to see this feature added as this would allow us to see future capacity that will be coming to a specific team. I would also like to see the ability to add an employee start date so you can see where capacity declines. When you simply remove a user from the system, you lose out on the fact that at one point in the past a particular team had additional capacity and now that the person left or is leaving, that team's capacity is less or will be less at some point after the users end date.

Orlando Quesada 2 votes
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and end date! Suspending a user seems to make them disappear. so maybe some way of capturing their last day and not expecting any time after that would be nice. also maybe incorporating an automatic suspension 1 month after their last day.

Emily Triyonis 0 votes
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