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Task Work as Percentage of total Milestone work


I want to make a new column in the Work plan table, which shows the the percentage of work of tasks and subtasks on the milestone.

For example if the work for the entire milestone is 1000 hours and a task has work of 100 hours with 2 subtasks with 50 hours each. I want to show the 10% (100/1000) for the task and the 5% (50/1000) for each subtask.

Something like: work of the task / sum(all task in the milestone)

I looked through all available columns but could not find what need and did not find a possibility create a column with custom formula.


Thanks in advance.


MK Answered

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you probably want to do a task-level custom field that calculates $work/$ (should likely be read-only).  Not sure if this is part of your question, but you can't create a custom formula in the grid - only as part of a report or a custom field (which would then be in the grid).  

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