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Work Plan view in Report


I am trying to create a Report which looks like the work plan.

Where I see the tasks grouped with all sub tasks.

In the work plan, the tasks shows the right % complete of all sub task (weight the impact of the subtasks by their work).

In my report I tryed to group by task.parent which grouped the sub tasks as intended, but the parent task is missing in this group. And all parent tasks grouped seperately since they have the same parent, the milestone.

I also tryed to activate the summary line. But the problem is it does not weight the % complete and simply treats all subtasks as equally important.

Is there a better way to solve my problem?




MK Answered

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I grouped now first by a formula where i ask if parent =

So i get 2 groups one where the parent is the milestonen and one where the parent is not the milestone.

Afterwards i group by parent.

So my first group has all tasks directly under the milestone. This functions like an overview.

While the other group has all Subtasks grouped by the Task from group 1. Which is a more detailed look at the subtask.

That works for me.

Easiest would still be if I could simply import the view from work plan. So the user gets to see a table he already knows but enhanced by some nice Highligts and Charts.



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