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Get Today() / Current date in a Formula custom field.

I'm trying to create a custom field which is based on a formula of a User Object.

I have a custom field which holds the users Start Date and then would like to use the Today() function to get the date of today. Unfortunately, the Today() function doesn't seem to be available in the Formulated Custom Fields. 

Does anyone have any other suggestions to how I might be able to get the following working. 

GetWorkingTimeForGivenPeriod($UserName,$C_StartDate, Today())

My latest idea is to have a user field $C_CurrentDate which is updated by a daily scheduled workflow rule and then use:

GetWorkingTimeForGivenPeriod($UserName,$C_StartDate, $C_CurrentDate), but I'd hope there would be a simpler route. 

Darren Answered

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Today() isnt supported in fields, since the fields are not time driven (as opposed to custom actions or workflows, which are).  The only way to get today's date in a particular field is have a date custom field and then have a daily scheduled WF that updates it.  Probably want that CF on the org level.

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