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Pull data from multiple tasks when one changes

Is there a function/filter that I can use in a workflow rule to get specific fields from all tasks under a Parent task if a specific field value changes in any one of those tasks?

Example (use case):

We have a number of 'Shipment' tasks under a 'Shipments' Parent task (Task Type 'Complete Shipment'). Each sub-task (Task Type of Shipment) represents a separate order shipment within the project.  Tasks have a custom field called 'Shipping Address' so that the destination of each shipment can be recorded.

I want to capture the Name, Due Date and Shipping Address field values from every Active sub-task of 'Shipments' and paste them into a project-level rich text field (so I can insert carriage returns).  I also want to reload that data any time the address changes on any one of those sub-tasks.

Richard Mann Answered

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This is possible to do with workflow rules, but may cause performance issues in your account depending on the size of your projects. I would recommend discussing this with your Professional Services Consultant.

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