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Dependent Form Layouts

We are trying to use Clarizen to manage internal requests from various groups. 
We are trying to use the Request entity to do this, but having issues.

We have two groups for which we are trying to manage and automate requests. 
1. Marketing Ops 
2. Marketing Managers

Marketing Ops 
They are managing request for production requests to Marketo. Their request is called a Task Request (TR).

Marketing Managers 
They are trying to manage the events they run every quarter and year. Their request is called an Event.

TRs and Events share some fields, but 80% of the fields are different which means form layouts are different for both. 
Most Events eventually lead to also creating a TR for the execution portion. 
Marketing Manager users will create both an Event record and a TR record. 
Sales Ops receives the TRs and executes on them. 
The Marketing Manager and Sales Ops users are different people.

Right now the only way to allow a Marketing Manager to enter both types of requests (TRs and Events) is to have them switch Profiles to be able to view the different form layouts.

But in their View, they can have both Event records and TR records. To force them to switch profiles every time they want to see all the fields is very cumbersome and confusing.

Isn't there a way to make the form view dependent on the Request Type field selection. One form per each type in the drop down?

There has to be a better way to manage different request types than forcing users to switch profiles...

Umesh Shah Completed

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This is a feature request, and we are planning to release dependent layouts at some point in the future (no specific ETA yet).

Josh Santos 0 votes
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Hi Josh, I was wondering if there is any update on the release of dependent layouts? Thank you.

McDonald's Clarizen Admin 0 votes
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