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Expected Revenue Amounts have disappeared

I inputted a project and assigned resources and rates and the expected revenue showed like it was supposed to.  I had to go back and make changes and do some corrections and now the expected revenue is not showing up anymore.  I took out the resources and put them back in and have done everything I can think of except deleting and putting the project back in.  

Is there anything else that I can do?  I also went to the top of the project page and turned the settings selections on and off to see if it would trigger anything.

Mitzie Cribbs Answered

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We would recommend submitting this as a ticket so that we can do a specific investigation into this use case. Some potential causes could be:

1.) A delay in calculation due to a major change like adjusting someone's rate (check after an hour or two to see if the field has calculated)

2.) A workflow rule that is forcing this amount to be 0.

3.) It could have been accidentally set to 0 (look for a blue triangle in the upper right of the cell, click the cell and then the "restore" link to revert back to system calculations)

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