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Create a Dashboard from multiple instance of the same report with different filters


I created a generic report with a filter on a PickList value (that the user can change).

I tried to create a Dashboard with several instance on this report, but based on different values on the filter each time.

The charts I get are all the same, but this should not be.

What am I missing? Is it a bug, a limitation?

Thanks in advance,


Armand BOLMONT Answered

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I'd say you've found a limitation.

Think of the dashboard as a window to the report, so when you change the filters for on 'view' of the report on your dashboard, you change it for all!

You would need to create different reports, calling the same data and set the filters as required, then your dashboard would give different information based on the same data.

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Update on this topic:

After a few more tests, I realized that the report I was using in the DashBoard had the first filter missing (this was a date), and the Dashboard was lost (couldn't keep the filter value on filter 2, and all charts was the same with unexpected values).

So I fixed the problem on the generic report, and was able to create the DashBoard with only one Report.

From this experience, I recommend if you use a generic report for dashboard use to set all filters as editable by user. This way, you'll be able to define the right filters in the DashBoard, even if the original report has a problem.

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