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Resource Load Skewed Info

Our company has used clarizen for about a year now and each person (PM) has randomly put resources in a project or none at all...  and also random hours etc... very inconsistent. 

We now want to utilize the Resource Load/Planning module and it is so ridiculously skewed. 

My question is, what is the easiest way to reset our Resource Load info... without removing timesheet info or delete the actual users?  Removing people from a project would be fine if it would allow that.  

We have new templates everyone will use in the future with placeholder resources, I just don't know how to handle the previous skewing.

Thank you!

Gina Cargile Answered

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I don't think there is a super quick solution, ideally you would reassign work that was not properly assigned to placeholders. In many cases, the skew is likely coming from not assigning any resources, which will then put the load on the Owner. You can create a view and filter to see all Active/Draft projects with no Resources assigned, and assign a placeholder resource to all of them (TBD, None, ec.). You can assign one, Copy, then Multi-Paste to 20+ cells at a time to quickly make the assignments. Then you can go user by user to see which still have a skewed load and check their assignments and modify as needed.

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