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Confidential Projects

Add the ability to mark a project as "Restricted" that will make this project hidden from all users except for the project Team (managers, resources, reviewer, sponsor, etc)

The project should be hidden in all paths: 

1. Will not be retrieved during search. 

2. Will not be calculated and show in reports 

3. Will not be accessible from all paths: Add shortcut, add existing, link to issue 

4. Will not be seen in Resource load and Resource calendar views (can be named "Restricted" to reflect the load). 

5. Any other location i cant think of right now that will allow a non member of the project team to gain some sort of access to that project.

For future reference, the feature request ID is CR-21358.

Diana Sandura Not planned

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Hi Diana,

What is the anticipated release date of this feature as it is something we really need. It is restricting our use of Clarizen at the moment (we can't use it on confidential projects). I have seen requests for this functionality going back several years.




Bowe, John 0 votes
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Any update on the status of this request?  This is very important to my organization.

Elliott, John 0 votes
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