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Milestone behavior - direct child of the project

I have a large project with many milestones. Some of them are outputs of a parent task, however, it appears Milestones can only be a direct child of the project. In this model, Milestones become a catch all for activities related to that category and really takes away from the meaning of a Milestone in PMP world. If Clarizen does not support this yet, what would be the best way to structure this in Clarizen? For now, I only see to create parent tasks and nested children tasks to accomplish what I want. But I end up with a project that has no Milestones (in Calrizen that is). Any suggestions on the work around? Thank you!

Mike B. Answered

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In Clarizen the milestones should contain all activities required to achieve them. Even though this is different than MS Project, it has a lot of benefits (you can see aggregate progress on milestones, data rolls up, Roadmap visuals, etc.). 

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