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How to add an external url link without having the clarizen url prefixed

Hi all

Very easy no doubt, I have a custom action.  Under the Success (optional) section I want to add an external link with parameters.  I have added a href  but in the browser it's prefixed with How can do I remove this?


I have managed to remove but now my variables are empty!

Thank you.

Shell Roberts Answered

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I need to create an endpoint which will hit my controller. When the form is completed I want to grab the values and insert into my database. So I created a url string but it won't work with clarizen part of the url.

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Yay solved it :) if anyone else needs to send parameters in a url string here is an example how I have approached it:


<a href="//{$ID}&date={$C_Date}&name={$C_Name}">Add</a>

 I placed this in the success section in a custom action.

You can access the fields by clicking on 'Formula Options' and selecting the desired fields on the 'Fields' tab.

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