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Improve widget sharing functionality for reports with financial filters

When sharing a report with some financial data as a widget, the system does automatically hide financial values for you and you're able to share that widget with other users. But when you have a financial filter in place, you receive a validation "The view was either deleted or you don't have permissions to view it".

The request is to allow sharing reports with financial filters and make it behave so that the system automatically hides financial data. Or add a validation rule that will prevent users from sharing reports with financial filters when they click on share button. That validation pop-up would include a reason and a link to an article or video that would walk users how to remove financial filters in order to share a widget.

For future reference, the feature request ID is CR-376959.

Diana Sandura Not planned

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To add to this request. I created a report and used a financial field in the filters. Even though there is no financial data in the report, when I share the widget, users who are not financial users cannot see the report or see the report panel in a dashboard. It would be helpful to have the option to not show the filters, so that the report can be shared even though a financial field is used in the filter 

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