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Workflow Rule Run From a Report

Is there any way to only run a Workflow Rule if it is triggered from a Report?

Use case: I have a Toggle field at the Project level, and another Toggle field at the Milestone level with the same name. I have a Report built to show Milestones that fit certain criteria, and the column for that Toggle field I mentioned is visible in the Report. If that Toggle field is changed in the Report, I want the Toggle field on the Parent Project to be changed to match that value, but ONLY if it's changed from the Report.

I already have a WFR built that matches the Project Toggle to the Milestone Toggle, but I've run into cases where the Milestone Toggle is changed outside of the Report, thus changing the Parent Project Toggle as well (not desired.

I was looking at the 'IsTriggeredBy' function, but it doesn't look like you can use that to determine if a change has been triggered by a Report.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Doug Smith Answered

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