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Character '& ' is trimmed in Outbound Call

 Hi Guys,

My team is trying synchronize Body of DiscussionPost and DiscussionReply from Clarzien to internal system.

As Body cannot be chosen in Workflow - Outbound Call (1st Question: Why Body cannot be chosen for Outbound), we created new TextArea field (Let's call it BodyForOutbound) to copy Body to BodyForOutbound by workflow with rule:

$C_BodyForOutbound = HtmlToText($Body)

Everything works well except characters '<', '>' and '&'.

'<' becomes '&lt;' which still can be handled

'>' becomes '&gt;' which can also be handled

But '&' is trimmed after using HtmlToText

My 2nd Question is: How to get '&' back?


Additional Information:

Without HtmlToText, if the text is <Apple&Orange>, Outbound XML content would becomes


After HtmlToText, Outbound XML content would becomes



Sam Fu Answered

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Looks like there might be a bug here and we have a patch tentatively scheduled for May 14th.

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