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Conditional Formatting

I use conditional formatting a lot when creating different views. However I notice that on occasion when I edit a view the formatting in some columns has completely changed, particularly if they are newer columns. For example, I use a custom field created for the formatting and if there are particulars I want to highlight I will add in a formula. I did just that today on a particular column and when I hit revert view to see the effect the column was formatting differently - using a different and completely random field. I believe this to be a bug in the system as I work on Clarizen for two different companies and have noticed the same thing in both production instances. Can you investigate please? The views are widely disseminated via widget and the visual effect is important to many viewers.

On another note - is there any move to bring in a way to format once and have the option to extend across all rows?



Dee Answered

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Are you trying to log into two different accounts in different tabs on the same browser?

Josh Santos 0 votes

Hi Josh, 


No, if I work on the two of them on the same day I use two different browsers but even that would be rare. Usually I only work on one at a time. 


Thanks for the tip Maria!

Dee 0 votes