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'Replace Resource' OOTB custom action with defined FTE/Units


I am trying to create a custom action which is very similar to OOTB 'Replace Resource' action, but to replace the placeholder resource with the actual resource for part of the total FTE.

Eg: If the place holder resource is assigned 5 FTEs for 6 months, i need an custom action to assign 1 FTE from the placeholder resource to an actual resource. 
Before - 5 FTE for Placeholder resource 
After - 4 FTE for Placeholder resource + 1 FTE for the actual resource

I tried creating a new custom action with project assignment, but i am not able to get the correct start date/duration of assignment for the existing placeholder resource. Could you please help me with this.

Preetham Yogappa Answered

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We would recommend that you discuss this with your Clarizen Professional Services consultant since this will be a tricky rule to build and it will be highly customized to your use case.

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