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Outbound Call in Custom Action


I have some questions about outbound call in custom action to our customized web service hosted in our server.

1. Does Clarizen outbound call support self-signed SSL certificate hosted in our web server?

2. Does Clarizen outbound call support a port number in the URL request? e.g. port

3. We want to send the user name who triggers the custom action together with other information to our hosted web service. It seems that Clarizen outbound call cannot do it using web service user field. Any suggestion?

4. It seems that no authentication can be setup in the outbound web service call in Clarizen side. e.g setup login/password. Any suggestion to prevent unauthorized access to our web service?

5. What is the IP range of Clarizen outbound call? So that we can restrict the request from the specified IPs in our web server.

Thanks in advance.

Bennett Answered

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Hi Bennett,

I suggest you consult with Clarizen directly on this.


Good luck.

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Hi Bennett, can you please update this thread with the outbound call out custom action answers?

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Here is what I know so far

1. A valid public SSL certificate must be required. Otherwise, some outbound calls could not be received.

2. Yes

3. No authentication support for remote web service

4. No suggestion replied

5. Still unknown


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