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Reports Scheduler - Some Day

So how do we configure the Reports Scheduler to mail something out on the last day of the month?

This would help if we want to send a report at the end of every Quarter; where we could use 3 months, but it has to be the last day of that 3rd month. This can apply to anything, but basically we need more than numbers and can be expanded to allow options, like:

  • First Monday
  • Third Sunday
  • Last Friday
  • Last Day

Can this be "enhanced" to provide more "realistic" use cases? :)

Wilfredo Maldonado Not planned

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I like the idea and you probably already know this but you could make 12 different copies of the reports as a work around and schedule them for the next couple years.

Granted this isn't perfect but I did something similar.

John Tasinas 0 votes
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