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Enhancement Request: Ability to detect state change of a parent project when closed due to last child task closing


I would like to request this enhancement:

There are many circumstances where you will want to have a validation rule to ensure some actions are performed prior to closing a top level project. To do this, it is natural to use a validation rule on the top-level project or program. You may need to complete some financial action, send a customer satisfaction survey, etc. And in this validation rule, it makes sense to monitor the State of the top-level parent. If the state changes to Closed, ensure that the required actions are completed.

If you have a project with sub-projects, tasks, etc. and the last task on those plans is closed, that change "rolls up" to the parent project.

Clarizen business rules cannot seem to 'detect' a change in status on an object when that state change was caused by a child task being closed. For example, if the validation rule initiates when IsChanged($State) for the parent project, it will never execute even though the state *does* change due to the last child task closing.

Please make it so these state changes are detectable as a state change, so we can run these validation rules on the parent project.

Kim Essendrup Not planned

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This is a major issue for me as well. Projects are constantly being marked as Completed automatically when they shouldn't be.

I've tried various validation rules, but as the author above states it doesn't pick up State changes which have been triggered automatically.

Andrew Miller 0 votes
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