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Read-Only Views

I would like to create read-only views.  I envision this being a toggle on the View Edit screen where even (especially) a super user cannot change data.  I would like actions, such as mark time entry on timesheets as approved to still function.

Use Case: We have specific individuals in our company who are responsible for approving time whom are not responsible for adjusting anything else on a project.  I want them to be able to view a lot and also approve anyone's time.  Making these individuals super users appear to be the best approach, but this give them grossly too much power.

I envision these approvers specifically using the Team View for approval.

Short of creating creating dozens of validation rules, a special permission class (like Financial) may be the only other mechanism to achieve this request.

Part 2: A second toggle enabling "actions" (or certain buttons within the ribbon) might also be nice.  //However, I should be able to adequately restrict buttons via profiles for my specific users.

Part 3: Read-Only Views might also be helpful for executives who want to see everything in enhanced permissions, but should not be changing anything.

Matt Answered

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Hi! Have you considered using a dashboard with custom action buttons? If not I suggest taking a look and see if it can meet your needs. We are using a dashboard with custom action buttons for approve/deny project requests. This is geared toward Executive Leadership having a simple to use one stop for taking action on a project request. Seems similar in nature to as what you describing. Feel free to reach out to me and Ill share what we have done. Hope this helps!

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You can use validation rules to prevent even super users from changing data.

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