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Dynamic date filters

Add ability to set date filters dynamically (e. g. Start Date is in the last 10 days AND in the next 5 days). Currently there is an option to use a custom date filter, where one can set a range of dates manually. I suggest adding the ability to use formulas in those fields OR adding the ability to choose date filters multiple times (like when creating filters in Reports module). For future reference use CR-381161.

Roland Pumputis Not planned

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    I added my comments to the Clarizen Success article here:

DATE FILTERS posed a problem for me and I believe this CR you filed is based on some previous comments I made, although I never commented on this one before. Finally, I also gave Peter some "props" for bringing this up eight years ago here:

Everyone, make sure you VOTE UP; so Clarizen takes notice of "critical mass" surrounding a specific feature request.

Wilfredo Maldonado 2 votes
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