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Feature Req: Update Clarizen Functions documentation

Hi. The entire Clarizen Functions documentation needs a complete overhaul.

While in Clarizen (Formula Options), when looking at a certain function and clicking "See Sample", the link never takes you to the right place within the documentation. Also, this behavior carries over to the links at the top of the page (in the "table of contents") as well.

The hyperlinks need to be updated... and the documentation as a whole needs to be updated to include ALL functions with working examples.


Thank you for your consideration.

Uriah Bojorquez Planned

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Agreed. Working examples of all functions would be nice, but the broken page navigation is unacceptable. Most of the time I have to resort to my browser's "Find" function to locate the documentation I need.

Richard Reeves 3 votes
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Yes please.  I also have to use "find". 

Also formatting and style makes it hard to find the information I need.  Frankly it's too much blue. 

For other documentation pages it's fine, but because Functions consists almost entirely of tables it's hard to read.  The header column should not be entirely blue.

Kristen Huber 1 vote
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