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need code in java to read data from the api and put that in excel file

i need to read the data  from the api and display data in excel file.

cva Answered

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Hi cva,

Clarizen exposes RESTful API which can be used similarly in a variety of platforms. The documentation for the REST API can be found here.

Clarizen also exposes a SOAP API. In my opinion it's more complicated to set up, particularly for non Microsoft.NET platforms. However, the documentation for it has setup instructions and samples in Java.

As for placing data in Excel files, it's a separate task that is independent on usage of Clarizen API, so it's out of the scope of this forum. However, if what you need is exporting Clarizen data to Excel files, I have several suggestions:

  1. Clarizen offers an Excel plug-in which can be used to produce and refresh Excel reports based on Clarizen data. 
  2. Clarizen reports can be exported to Excel. Using customizations those excel reports can also be sent by Email automatically.
  3. If you decide to use the API, consider writing the data to .CSV (comma separated values) files. They are very easy to use and Microsoft Excel can read them.
  4. There are also many third party packages which can be used to write Excel files, Aspose.Cells just to name one (Clarizen is not associated with Aspose, this is just an example. If you decide to use such a package, select the one that best suites your needs).  

Hope this helps,


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