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Trouble Triggering Update to Existing Project Fields on Oppty Close

Greetings - we have the usual process where we create a draft project in Clarizen when an Oppty hits 75% chance of closing. When the Oppty closes, I want to fire off a one-time update to a few fields on that existing draft Clarizen Project - things like Price and Work (hours) which may have changed since the Oppty was 75%- after which, I don't want those Clarizen fields updated by SFDC again.

My approach was to create a new Event triggered when an Oppty Stage is set to Closed Won with a new Mapping just for those fields I want to update. 

The Event I created does not seem to be firing and there's nothing in the Logs that shows it even trie to run (no success or failures). 

See below for the Event and the Mapping - would appreciate any advice as to what I need to do to get this working...


Tim Soulen Answered

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I think this would be better served as a support ticket.

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