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Validation Rule to Prevent Re-Activation of a Completed Project Work Item - Specific User References

I would like to limit ability to mark a previously Complete project work item to a different State, and only allow User A or User B to do so. Reopening completed projects is causing inconsistencies in reported revenue. I can limit non-Admins using the following criteria. What syntax would I replace the Admin reference with in order to check if the current user attempting the action is User A or User B?

CurrentUser().Admin=False && GetPreviousValue($State)='Completed' && IsChanged($State)

Sarah Ottey Answered

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Hello Sarah,

I would see 2 ways to do so:

You can replace "CurrentUser().Admin=False" with "(CurrentUser()='UserA' || CurrentUser()='UserB')". Use "Formula Options" to replace 'UserA' and 'UserB' with their usernames.

You can also define a UserGroup containing the authorized users and use the syntax: (IsMemberOfGroup("Authorized Users group", CurrentUser())

Let me know if that make sense.

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