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Custom Panel query all tasks

In this article:


It shows how to query Clarizen data through a custom panel in the Script and Data (JSON Format) inputs.


My question is - on that page it shows this as an example:

  "project": {{JsonObject(CurrentObject(),"Name,StartDate,CreatedBy,Manager.Name")},
  "customers": {{JsonObjects("$Customers","Name","TargetObject.AccountStatus='Lead'")}


I have been playing with it and doing things like:

  "milestones": {{JsonObjects("$Children","Name,StartDate,ExternalID,DueDate,EntityType,State.Name", "TargetObject.EntityType = 'Milestone' ")},
  "impact_tasks": {{JsonObjects("$Children","Name,StartDate,ExternalID,DueDate,EntityType,State.Name", "TargetObject.EntityType = 'Task' ")}


Which will give me the milestones to the project and the tasks which are directly attached to the project.


Is there a way to write from the above:

"impact_tasks": {{JsonObjects("$Children","Name,StartDate,ExternalID,DueDate,EntityType,State.Name", "TargetObject.EntityType = 'Task' ")}

so that it can pull all tasks attached to the milestones and recursively pull all tasks on those?


The use case is, I want to get all tasks one can find on the project and milestones and sub tasks on those tasks, then I would filter them down based on some condition.


"impact_tasks": {{JsonObjects("$Children","Name,StartDate,ExternalID,DueDate,EntityType,State.Name", "TargetObject.EntityType = 'Task'  && TargetObject.C_somefield = 'Large'")}



Jared Thompson

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Hi Jared,

One way to do this would be to query all tasks where project is the current project. This is how you can do this:

The variable taskData will contain the array of tasks. Code from screenshot:

const project = API.Context.getData().project;

API.Objects.query(`SELECT Name FROM Task WHERE Project='${}'`, taskData => {


  "project": {{JsonObject(CurrentObject(),"Name,StartDate,CreatedBy,Manager.Name,ExternalId")}

Hope this helps.

Best regards,



Roland Pumputis
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