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Information On Topics

Hey All,

In the team I work in, we use Clarizen's Request feature almost exclusively. This has made it tricky to connect related requests and for people unfamiliar with the site to navigate. 

I have recently discovered the "Topics" section in the "Add Related..." portion of a request. From first glance, I thought this was perfect. It essentially acts as a hashtag and when I click it, I see all requests under that Topic. 
The issues I am having is in Card View as well as a general full view. When it comes to card view, it does not seem that I can sort the cards by topic. This would be extremely useful. Is there a way I can make that happen? 
Also, is there a screen that shows all currently open Topics (preferably with a sorting function)? I feel like I have searched everywhere and cannot find this.

If Topics does not have these abilities, is there anything similar that might? 
I appreciate your time if you are reading this, and look forward to any responses. 

Austin Craig

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